Sage Automotive - Global Innovation in Textiles

Published: 20th January 2017

Iain Taylor, Sage Automotive’s design and development director, delivered our November lecture and gave Society members a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by the company in continuing their success within the automotive interiors sector.  

Sage (an American-owned company) operates on a global platform and is a key Tier 2 supplier to the world’s premier car companies.  

Iain led us through the complexities of the long development lead times for their fabrics, and stressed the importance of continued design innovation and product development to stay ahead of their competitors.  

Sage manufacture in Europe, the Middle East, South America and the USA, where they create high-performance warp knit, weft knit and woven fabrics, and have developed expertise in embossed, embroidered and printed after treatments.

The audience were especially surprised to learn about the extensive and specialised testing requirements of this industry, and were entertained by anecdotes about how some of the more unusual tests had come about.  

Thanks to Iain for taking the time to deliver such an informative and entertaining lecture. 

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