October Lecture Review: The Pinnacle of Natural Fibre

Published: 22nd October 2018

The key drivers for Wools of New Zealand are around the themes of innovation, passion for their product, being trustworthy, and transparency around all aspects of their wool production.

Wools of New Zealand - Huddersfield Textile Society October Lecture

Steven Parsons, Brand & Business Development Manager for Wools of New Zealand, gave us a real insight into how their 720 farmers are working to bridge the gap between themselves and their customers to deliver more sustainable textiles. They understand the importance of producing fully traceable wool for their growing customer base of global brands, for whom the traceability of the product is a key selling point. 

Working actively to stop the decline in sheep farming within New Zealand, Wools of New Zealand are working to increase efficiency of production and to produce a premium product where the fibre quality is tightly controlled. We heard about how they certify the actual farmers, and how the fleece is graded in-situ on the farm itself.

The introduction of their R.W.S. (Responsible Wool Standard) certification insures that responsible animal husbandry is at the core of their business and through the application of scientific fingerprinting they can trace their product back to the farm it was grown on. 

Their advances in the ability for wool to be dyed in a full range of colour as being achieved through their Glacial XT product that is cleaner, more consistent, whiter and eco-friendly. Marks & Spencer are launching their first ever Wools of New Zealand R.W.S. collection as part of Wool Week 2018.