December Lecture: Why the Future of the Mill is the Mill of the Future

Date: 3rd December 2018

Join Huddersfield Textile Society for our upcoming December Lecture, Why the Future of the Mill is the Mill of the Future. 

Delivered by: Hareesh Kallambella - Senior Production Manager at Burberry

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From 1784 – Industry 1.0 to today – Industry 4.0 the various industrial trends have changed the way we work and run factories, today we have smart & connected machines that are transforming Textile mills into Smart Factories. How can this be the future?

In Textiles manufacturing “Value Add” to customer is key and elimination and reduction of all forms of waste and “non-value Added” activities are essential for running a world class mill in a competitive environment. There is a major shortage of young talent coming into the textile industry and supporting the next generation to join this amazing journey is one to explore. 

About Hareesh Kallambella

Hareesh Kallambella, Senior Product Manager at Burberry

As I have only spent 13 years in the textile industry I am, and probably always will be, a new boy to the textile industry. 

Before joining Burberry, I had spent five years at Heathcoat fabrics making military parachutes, Timing belt fabrics, and protective apparel to the military, defence and automotive companies in global markets. Before that I had spent 6 years at Jones Stroud Insulations which was then one of the largest electrical insulation company rising from Business Improvement Engineer to the head of production and sales into automotive sector (electric cars).   

Joining Burberry has united my passion for textiles with my love for innovation and technology, my interest in business improvement, and supporting career development in the textiles industry especially around weaving.  I am still loving (almost) every minute of it.