Lecture: Colour, Light and Health

Date: 10th February 2020

Join Huddersfield Textile Society's February lecture on Colour, Light and Health.

Delivered by: Stephen Westland, Professor of Colour Science and Technology, University of Leeds School of Design

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Stephen Westland, Professor of Colour Science and Technology, University of Leeds

Stephen Westland is Professor of Colour Science and Technology at the University of Leeds in the School of Design.

He has published over 200 refereed articles, books and book chapters in the areas of colour measurement, colour vision and colour design. His current research interests include the effect of lighting on performance and behaviour and the application of machine learning to colour design.

He is theme leader for Artificial Intelligence in the Future Fashion Factory at the University of Leeds. He was Head of School of Design at the University of Leeds from 2006-2013 and President of the Society of Dyers and Colourists in the year 2018/19. 

Colour is ubiquitous in the world and is important in design and manufacturing. However, this talk will explore the non-visual effects of colour and light, particularly around the theme of health. The talk will consider the health risks of being exposed to too much or too little light, the effect of light on sleep and the importance of sleep to our health, and the relationship between physiological and psychological effects of colour. The talk has implications for the use of colour LED lighting, the use of which is increasing rapidly as a result of technological, sociological and legislative changes.